Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Craft Resolutions

Happy New Year! 'Tis the season for making promises that you hope to keep. This year I thought I'd make my resolutions art-related and share them with my readers in hopes that making my resolutions public will inspire me to keep to them.

New Year's Craft Resolution #1:

Explore New Color Palettes

I naturally gravitate to rich jewel tones and high contrast monochromatic color schemes. This year I plan to expand my use of color by experimenting with more diverse color options, including more muted tones that I usually avoid. In addition, I need to finally do something with my sad lonely little pack of Ecru clay.

New Year's Craft Resolution #2:

Finish Projects Promptly

I love bead weaving. I do not love attaching clasps or finishing off warp threads. This results in an ever growing pile of unfinished projects. In the coming year I plan to finish more projects before moving onto something else.

New Year's Craft Resolution #3:

Teach More

Since returning from Berlin, I haven't held any beading classes, though I have taught girl scouts. In 2009 I plan to hold more bead weaving classes to share my passion for this art form and improve my teaching skills.

What are your crafter's resolutions for 2009?