Sunday, June 10, 2012

My sewing adventures continue.  The corset project has been on hold for awhile while I ordered the hardware for it.  I'm using Laughing Moon's Dore Corset pattern, which is Victorian style.  My package from Delicious LLC arrived last week, so this weekend I've sat down and started to piece it together.  I've finished inserting the busk pieces into the front panels.

Next, I need to assemble the back panels which contain the grommets for lacing.  Then the various side panels are stitched together, boned, and bound with bias tape.  I bought the spiral steel boning in a ten-yard bundle, so I get to have fun with my new pair of bolt cutters.  The final step will be flossing the corset, or embroidering at the top and bottom of the bones to hold them in place in their casings.  I haven't decided what color I want to use for the flossing yet.

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