Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Next layer in Victorian dress project

I'm in the process of making a bustle dress, because I can.

I've already made the corset.  The next step is to make the bustle to go over the corset, then a petticoat to go over the bustle.  After that, I can finally begin work on the dress itself.

I'm using Truly Victorian's Petticoat with Wire Bustle pattern.

So far I love Truly Victorian patterns.  The instructions are clear and the patterns are printed on heavy paper, not tissue, which makes it easy to trace off my size then have the pattern available for future use.

Gizmo insists on helping by making sure the ironing board doesn't run away.

I've finished the main part of the bustle, minus a dress hook or two.  The next step is to create a ruffle overlay that will cover the boning channels so the hoop wire can't be seen through the skirt.

This requires about 50 feet of hemmed ruffle fabric.

One of the problems I ran into was how to keep the hemmed ruffle from devolving into a wrinkled mess while I worked on the rest of it.

My solution was to wrap the completed ruffle around an empty paper towel tube as I pressed, pinned, and stitched the rest.  I'm using a slip-stitch hem.

I have about twenty more feet to go before I start stitching the gathering threads.  Thankfully, that part I can do with the sewing machine.

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