Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grandma's Get Well Soon Necklace

This started as a general thank-you present for my grandmother, who has been very supportive of my academic pursuits.

On Friday she took a fall and is currently in the hospital.  She's expected to make a full recovery, but I'm frustrated that I can't drop everything and go visit right away, so I finished this ahead of schedule so my sister can deliver it for me on her way back to Michigan.

This necklace features floral components as a centerpiece.  The pattern for these was featured in the August 2006 issue of Bead & Button Magazine, designed by Anna Elizabeth Draeger.

The components were fairly easy to make.  I did make a few changes: bead loops instead of jump rings for the connection points on the flowers, weaving around the outer edge instead of going back down the 'spokes' for the final peyote round, extra crystal links, and a strap of my own design.  

I'm pleased with the final result.

It's sufficiently sparkly.  I think I'm going to make another copy of the center component and hang it off a hair stick.

Here's a picture in full sunlight.  The crystals are more purple in sunlight, and pinker in artificial light.

Not shown is the clasp, which is a beaded toggle clasp with a tubular peyote bar and herringbone loop. I like using larger toggle clasps, particularly for Grandma, because they're easy to grasp and manipulate.

Overall, the project instructions were clear and the components are easy to work into your own designs.  It was a fun project.

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