Monday, October 21, 2013

An Echo Flower Shawl for Grandma

As a part of my get well craft project series for Grandma, I present the Echo Flower shawl.

The pattern, designed by Jenny Johnson Johnen, is available for free online:   Echo Flowers

The flower pattern that makes up the body of the shawl was easy to memorize.

Like all knitted lace, the finished shawl doesn't look like much until blocking.

To block lace, the shawl must be soaked in cold water.  I then laid it on a towel, rolled up the towel, and gently stepped on it to press out the excess water.

 Then I stretched the shawl to open the lace pattern, holding it in place with stainless steel T-pins.  I blocked it at Mom's house while I was in Michigan and I forgot to bring my blocking mats with me, so I laid down a clean sheet and pinned into the carpeting.

Here's a close up of the border.  The most tedious part of the pattern was the nupps, which are the little bobble bits.  They're worth the frustration for the final effect, though.

I really like how the flower pattern turned out.

And here's the whole thing.  Grandma loved it.