Saturday, November 02, 2013

Norwegians are awesome

Last night was National Knitting Evening in Norway (Nasjonal Strikkekveld).  A team of knitters tried to beat Australia's Back to Back world record.  After watching the attempt, I can only conclude that Australians are nuts.

The program is available in Norwegian here:

This program followed NRK's "Slow TV" programming tradition.  Previous examples included 12 hours of someone building and maintaining a fire, and filming a ship traveling up the Norwegian coast. Despite the label of "slow TV", the knitting challenge was quite suspenseful as a look at the #nrkstrikk tag on Twitter will attest.  I worked on a sock while I watched.  It was a nice international knitting experience along the lines of the Ravellenic Games, but with more simultaneity.  The team didn't break the world record, but they've acquired an large internet fanbase. 

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