Saturday, March 29, 2014

Baby Got Bustle

Behold, my new undergarments!

I've finally finished all the support garments for my bustle dress.  The bustle is Truly Victorian's pattern TV101, that combines the bustle with a petticoat, with a ruffled layer to hide the hoop wire in back.

And yes, you can sit down in it.  The hoop wire folds up automatically during sitting.

Here's the petticoat that goes over the bustle.  It's flat in front with a couple darts at the waist, with pleating in the back.  This style is designed to go under 1880s-style skirts.  I used Truly Victorian's TV170 Victorian Petticoats pattern, which can accommodate all the different bustle eras depending on which view you choose.

Here's the back view.  The petticoat is embellished with pin tucks.

My friend Sara let me pose with her parasol.  I'm very grateful to her for her help with the pictures.  Now I can finally start working on an actual dress!

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Anonymous said...

Adore this! You look absolutely fab in this! Very inspiring, indeed.