Friday, June 27, 2014

Fabric Shopping in Vienna

On the last day in Vienna, I went fabric shopping.  I had snooped around some crafting forums and found a recommendation for a little out of the way place with good prices.

I found the shop stacked floor to ceiling with bolts of fabric.

Here's the latest addition to The Stash.

Cotton dirndl fabric at a great price.

This would cost three or four times as much in other shops.

They also had some stretch laces I thought were interesting.

I bought a meter of each to go towards future bra making projects.  At some point I need to make something other than 19th century undergarments.

On the off chance someone stumbles across this post and wants to find the place, it's located here:

A-1020 WIEN,
Krummbaumgasse 12 

The shop is called Textil Müller.  They have a website.

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Brian Rucker said...

What a great store for you! I would find a chair and wait...