Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unleash the Shiny Object!

I finished the mirror necklace.

I put a lobster claw clasp and an adjustable chain on the back.  I thought about adding another embroidered component in the back as a counterweight, but this fits pretty well.  At this point I just wanted to finish it so I could start wearing it.

Friday, August 29, 2014

More Wedding Photos

The professional photos from my sister's wedding are now available.  The photos were done by Holli Ann Studios LLC, and they turned out great.  Here are pictures of the stuff I made.

I had the job of putting the veil and the hair comb in place.

Here's the full length.

My sister needs to be in some sort of bridal magazine.

 Here we are posing together before the wedding.  I managed to not kill the photographer for having her stand on pine needles before the ceremony, but the temptation was strong.  All the bridesmaids got together and plucked the hem clean before taking our positions.

It was a lovely ceremony and I was on a plane again within 36 hours.  I was the paratrooping bridesmaid.